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Coronavirus Impact on Texas Tenants

I've started receiving calls from Houston tenants whose job hours have been impacted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. If you find yourself in this situation and are worried about continuing to fulfill your lease obligations, I suggest sending a notice immediately to your landlord and/or property management company letting them know that your job has been directly impacted as a result of the pandemic. I would also suggest including a letter from your supervisor verifying that your hours have been cut (or that you have been given leave without pay). Your notice should include a request for abatement of rent, or in the alternative, release from the lease contract. Make sure the notice is dated and signed and that you keep a copy for your records. You should mail the notice (along with letter from supervisor) via certified mail return receipt (tracking) and first class at your local post office. You should also email it.

While this will not in itself absolve you from liability under your lease contract, especially with heartless, soulless corporate entities, it will put the required parties on notice and provide you necessary documentary evidence moving forward.

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